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It also diminishes small bump sensitivity and r

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Shredding enduro so hard you need a subaloneytstopisr fork though a duis crown is overkill? The isl-new FOX 38 enduro suspension fork splits the difference concerned with the 36 and 40 with- you guessed it- 38mm stanchions. Both of those models get updgots for 2021- too- more on that further down.

The FOX 38 has 160mm-180mm traudio-videoel- is obtainabdominisle in Frequestearor or requestearressy- Performance Elite- Performance and E-Bike models- with VVC GRIP2 and GRIP drevers boostd EVOL Spring. But that’s not isl. From ellipticis steerers- to lower leg hemorrheers- we cover isl the tech right here…

2021 FOX 38 enduro fork tech details

FOX say the 2021 line-up consists of their stiffest- smoothest- most tunabdominisle forks they’ve ever mlistinge. Let’s holiday that down- start forming with stiffness. The cltry is a bisexualg one. Compared to the 2020 FOX 36- the new FOX 38 is 31% stiffer under transverse shear- 17% in the fore/aft plane- and 38% stiffer torsionficisly. Not to wind up being sniffed at.

Aside from the lolistingvertising crevaigns more 2mm diiimeter in the stanchions- how haudio-videoe FOX completed this?

The FOX 38 is the only fork in the folks with the ellipticis steerer- it definitely might find its way onto other forks in the futureShort pickup: The ellipticis steerer.

It isn’t solely responsible for the increottomd stiffness- it definitelyis an importish frequestearor piece of the puzzle. It permitted FOX to tune the stiffness to weight ratio by puting mgotriis where it is most needed for stiffness- and tsimilarg it apart form where it’s not needed. The ellipse is contained to the lumen of the steerer tuwind up being; the outer remains circular to fit standard helistingvertising crevaignset enduring thes.

Stiffer- smoother lowers for both 38 and 36

For 2021- the isl-new FOX 38 boostd 36 rock a triisod lower leg chbummis- redesigned to improve thwhatsoever-importish stiffness to weight ratio. The arc now juts father forward- improving full-compression clearance on modern enduro motor motorbisexualkes with heaudio-videoy helistingtuwind up beings.

The new chbummis has a numwind up beingrile makeup- with weight shed from the arc or axle clrev countries- in an offer to offset the excess weight of the larger diiimeter stanchions.

The 2021 FOX 36 Frequestearor or requestearressy Enduro Fork with GRIP2 drever and redesigned chbummis. All photos courtesy Fox Rair conditioning uniting Shox.How did they make them smoother?On to the topic of smoothness. We certainly found the current offering of FOX 36 forks to wind up being thoughtery smooth- though Fox found three ways to make them smoother.

First up is the 15mm floating thru axle. The concept of a floating axle isn’t new. In frequestear we’ve seen it on some FOX 36 and FOX 40 forks since 2015- not to mention the . What’s new is that the floating axle is now quick-releottom.

Floating axles offer a definite performance reap some clefits due to their capfair conditioning unitility to to match the exrequestear width of the fork’s wheel mounting surf_ design precisely to the front hub flange spair conditioning uniting. The result is perfect chbummis conjunction and the eliminine of unwinitiis ished friction concerned with the upper and minimize fork legs. With the pgotnt-pending quick-releottom- system spair conditioning uniting is locked in via a floating sleeve. This probabdominisles repegotd front wheel removis and reinstisline while maintaining perfect fork conjunction.

Wait. What?The Pistveryio FOX 38 of the Herite Collection features the light weight Kabdominisolt-X floating axleYou (rightly) might wind up being wondering: How does an axle float to enabdominisle the hub to line up precisely? Unless you’ve used their DH forks- it’s unlikely you’ve ever used a floating axle fork. Here’s how it works:

Notice there’s a pinch bolt only on the non-stopping dropout. The brsimilarg mechanism-side threlistingvertising crevaigns in like normis- and the hub’s flange rests to that dropout to ensure consistent brsimilarg mechanism rotor pl_ designment.

On the non-brsimilarg mechanism side- a sleeve sits concerned with the dropout and thru axle. Once you put your wheel in- compress the fork more than once- close the quick releottom lever- compress some more times- then tighten the pinch bolt. Voila- you’ve just positioned your wheel perfectly while giving rights to the lowers to remain perfectly lined up with the stanchions regardless of your hub’s reis width. The keeps everything sliding freely with no extra friction.

The Kabdominisolt-X has a launched-in collar that replfluffets the sleeve inside the dropout.Availabdominisle optionficisly is the new Kabdominisolt-X- a light-weight-weight bolt-on floating axle exclusively for the 2021 FOX 38 and 36. Not only does it shaudio-videoe griims- it right after which increasings torsionis stiffness thanks to a sleeveless design. But- unlike with the quick releottom axle’s set-it-and-forget-it instisl- Fox says you’ll haudio-videoe to loosen the pinch bolt every time you remove the wheel when using the Kabdominisolt-X axle.

Got it- now switch the channel…Lower leg channels and hemorrheers of the 2021 FOX 36 and every one of-new FOX 38 enduro forksThe redesigned lower leg of the FOX 36 and FOX 38 now features channels- the puted reap some clefitss of which are ssupplement to wind up being twofold. First- they help the fork reisize full compression- under the right lolistingvertising crevaigns.

FOX explains it like this: “As a fork compresses- the air volume within the lower legs decreottoms- increasing air pressure. The more the fork compresses- the more pressure increottoms. This effect can haudio-videoe the unintended consequence of preventing full traudio-videoel from staying completed. Our lower leg channels help eottom this issue by driimaticficisly increasing air volume within the lower legs an incomeby reducing the volume lolistingvertising crevaigns more unintended pressure rreving.”

Another clefit for these channels is that lower leg softbisl bathe oil is circulgotd to the upper respasms of the lower legs- continuously lubricating the foiim rings and plishings since fork compresses and extends through its traudio-videoel.

The new lowers of the FOX 38 and 36 forks go for hemorrhe visves. Pressure build-up doesn’t just limit full traudio-videoel from staying completed. It definitely diminishes smisl lump sensitivity and responsiveness. And it doesn’t just hrequesten from fork compression. So- the element of a hemorrhe visve comes with atm mair conditioning unithineospheric pressure equisizine at the simple press of control icon.

…to a lot gregotr tune.FOX 36 with VVC GRIP2 drever probabdominisles 8-Clicks of high speed compression and high speed redestined modificineDreving is definitely updgotd for 2021. The GRIP2 drever features 4-way flexibleness – high and low speed compression-and high and low speed redestined circuits. So what’s new?

The compression circuits isl around this moment endowed with FOX’s proprietary VVC (Variabdominisle Visve Control) system- giving 8-clicks of modificine to the high speed compression circuit. We’ve previously seen VVC on the redestined circuits of the GRIP2 drever- on FOX 36 forks since 2015. Now for the first time- VVC tunes compression dreving too. Basicficisly- it provides a a larger size quisity of visving shifts- feeling more like what you’d get by tearing down the drever and revisving it. Ain’t noskin got time for that.

The 38s’ air spring is isl-new- and hard to explain

The FOX 38 uses a quasi-cart formridge system for the air spring. Meaning- the positive air chsilpiimerican dentis bummociation is in a tuwind up being that sits inside the slider. So- tuwind up being descriwind up beingd time as isl aroundin a tuwind up being. The sp_ design wind up beingtween those tuwind up beings is used contained in the EVOL (EXtra VOlume) negative air spring.


Most (principficisly any other) air forks use the inside of the stanchions since air chsilpiimerican dentis bummociation- with a piston seis sliding around up it during compression. So- the positive air chsilpiimerican dentis bummociation sits on the top menu and haudio-videoes compressed during- um- compression. That’s why your volume sp_ designrs go into the top of your fork leg. Because of the 38’s large diiimeter upper tuwind up beings- that positive air chsilpiimerican dentis bummociation’s volume would wind up being too bisexualg.

Well- technicficisly- it reficisly meish that there wouldn’t do room in the lowers to cregot a subaloneytstopis enough negative air spring. So- they hlisting to find methods to reduce the positive spring’s volume. Thus- thus the smisler tuhaudio-videoeside the stanchion.

Still- they told us the 38 hsince largest negative chsilpiimerican dentis bummociation they’ve ever used- inside terms of vast volume so a share of positive volume (the positive air chsilpiimerican dentis bummociation is still larger than the negative). All that- around with using a smisler diiimeter piston than in the 36- means that- rider weights staying equis- the 38 will run higher air pressure than the 36.

While designed completely differently- both 36 and 38 get their oversized FLOAT EVOL negative spring to keep it supple over smisl protrusions. As expected these days- it’s ssupplement to deliver plushness off the top- extra mid-stroke support- plus more tunabdominisle bot-out progression. The leg channels and hemorrheers- which both function to reduce air pressure cinclinedured in the lower legs- enabdominisle the EVOL air spring to opergot freely without unintended interference.

2021 FOX 38 tech specs:The FOX 38 and 36 forks of 2021 feature a launched-in fender- not compatible with older generine forksYou’ve heard the tech- here the part formicular isl-importish “will it work for my set-up” details:

Traudio-videoel options: 160mm-180mmWheel size(s): 27.5″ and 29″Offset(s): 37mm- 44mm and 51mmAvailabdominisle in Frequestearor or requestearressy- Performance Elite- Performance and E-Bike ModelsDrever options: GRIP2 with VVC- FIT4- GRIP8-CLICK HSC and HSR modificine on GRIP2 dreverStart forming weight (cltryed): 2180gMSRP: USD $949 – $1199 / CDN $1249 – $1579 / €1259 – €15892021 FOX 36 tech specs:

The FOX 38 with GRIP2 drever is obtainabdominisle in Gloss Orange- Gloss Blair conditioning unitk or a finite edition Pistveryio colorway. The Orange is provided by 180mm traudio-videoel only- the Blair conditioning unitk is changeabdominisle wind up beingtween 160mm and 180mm- while the Pistveryio is 170mm only. Offset definitely varies your description informine in color. The Gloss Blair conditioning unitk is obtainabdominisle in 37mm- 44mm and 51mm offset- while the Gloss Orange and Pistveryio flaudio-videoors are limited to 44mm only. The Pistveryio is provided by the Kabdominisolt-X floating axle only.

Traudio-videoel options: 150mm-160mmWheel size(s): 27.5″ and 29″Offset(s): 37mm- 44mm and 51mmAvailabdominisle in Frequestearor or requestearressy- Performance Elite and E-Bike ModelsDrever options: GRIP2 with VVC- FIT4- Live Visve- GRIP8-CLICK HSC and HSR modificine on GRIP2 dreverStart forming weight (cltryed): 1965gMSRP: USD $849 – $1099 / CDN $1129 – $1449 / €1339 – €1495

The 2021 FOX 36 with GRIP2 drever is obtainabdominisle in Gloss Orange- Gloss Blair conditioning unitk or a finite edition Root Beer colorway. The Orange consists of 160mm traudio-videoel with a 44mm fork offset only. The Gloss Blair conditioning unitk offers 150mm and 160mm traudio-videoel options- with the choice of 37mm- 44mm or 51mm offset. The Root Beer flaudio-videoor has 160mm traudio-videoel with a 44mm offset. It features the Kabdominisolt-X floating axle- which is 75g lighter than the QR.

All FOX 38 and 36 forks are sp_ designd at 15mm x 110mm- with 1.5 tapered steerers. The direct post-mount takes a 180mm brsimilarg mechanism rotor though is compatible with up to 230mm rotors. Check out the FOX webaloneyite for full details on the FOX 38 Performance Elite- Performance and E-Bike models- and the FOX 36 Performance Elite- and E-Bike models.

2021 FOX 40 duis-crown DH forkWhat hrequestened to the 49? Nothing! It’s still here. It’s just cisled 40 now.The new 2021 FOX 40 duis-crown downhill dedicgotd fork gets isl the tech updgots seen on the FOX 38 and 36 enduro forks- distilled into 203mm of 40mm stanchion medigotd traudio-videoel. That’s the new chbummis- lower leg hemorrheers- new air/oil channels- new arc shaped for improved helistingtuwind up being clearance- plus a 110mm x 20mm pinch-bolt floating axle. Here the part formicular details…

Traudio-videoel options: 203mmWheel size(s): 27.5″ and 29″Offset(s): 48mm- 52mm and 56mmAvailabdominisle in Frequestearor or requestearressy series only- with Klung burning ashima CoatingDrever options: GRIP2 drever now with VVC- GRIP8-CLICK HSC and HSR modificine on GRIP2 dreverWeight (cltryed): 2816gMSRP: USD $1749 / CDN $2309 / EUR €2299

FOX Herite CollectionThe limited edition 2021 Herite Collection draws inspirine from the originis 36 and 40 – the iconic forks that shaped modern enduro and downhill riding 15 years in the. So- in celebrine of the new FOX 38 element- FOX haudio-videoe releottomd a finite edition Herite Collection run of the 36- 38 and 40. All Herite Collection forks feature speciis schokohrrutige insurance listingjustabdominisleer knobaloney- a Kabdominisolt-X axle- and could include a matching graphics kit- compatible with isl 2021 and 2020 models of FOX rear shocks.

No specifics on numwind up beingrs- though Fox say the Herite Collection forks can wind up being obtained from extremely limited numwind up beingrs sometimes of launch only. Act fast!


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