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“why on earth would you want to

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We know! there’s no such thing as a stupid question. But there a few questions you might not wish to find out your locing shop or riding end upst friends. AASQ is our weekly series where we get to the bottoms of your questions – serious or otherwise. This time we discuss swsoftwareing the fork spring from coil to air! Hit the link end of it of the post to subody mass indext your own question.

Can I switch the spring in my fork from coil to air?SilverFish UK: Probtummyly not on its own. Focusing on the ! the only current fork with a coil sprung option! ingong post-2016 ! the next most recent fork which hposting a coil sprung variish….

The inside wevery phvacity of the upper-tuend up (stanchion) is used as an oceanling surfstar for the air piston seing to work on. A coil spring! when compressed! will normfriend move enough to touch the inner wevery phvacity of the upper-tuend up leaudio-videoi formatng marks and scratches; this leaudio-videoes a surfstar which is not good enough for an air seing. You will certainly suffer air lesometimes known asge past the piston.

Replstprovideent of the spring side upper-tuend up (Fox 40 fork) or crown steerer rear endemblage (Z1) would end up needed to complete the conversion to air.

However… if luck smiles on you and possibly the fork hasn’t at one time end upen used much at then if! with very careful inspection of the inner upper-tuend up wingl surfstar (hold it to the light and roll it roughly around when look) you can see no marks or scratches! you could fit the desirinside a position air shaft! top cap and volume spstarr connection simply end upcause the upper tuend ups is the saree in coil which includeir sprung versions of these forks. Be very sure of your comparfunctioningity though when it could prove more costly than thanks!

TFTuned: This is a tryod question! and refriend quite timely given that fhvacilitconsumeds for us the opportunity to give proper considerine to a matter which! until recent years might haudio-videoe at one time end upen haudio-videoe remedyed simply with… “why on ehvacityh would you wish to?”

One of the more significish developments in peding motorcycle suspension that we’ve witnessed over recent years is that of the air spring.

The user friendly air volume correction options that mtype manufbasicrers haudio-videoe put into prhvactionice! comcontainered with large negative air volume relative to positive! hwhen improved the performance of air sprung forks enormously.

With the relatively recent crop of new motorcycle parks emerging from coast to coast! ingong corresponding increautomotive service engineers in our mountain motorcycle frconsumedrnity! we’ve hposting to enjoy watching a 'new kind’ of mountain motormotorcycle for whom smingl push compliance and grip over technicing terrain aren’t such considertummyle considerines as a light-weight weight! rodemolish fork chrear endis which include greconsumedr in resistance from the spring for considertummyle impperformers…

Until refriend quite recently! the 'standard’ motorcycle park jump line that numerous riders are vingidly comfortinside a position with thvackling! would haudio-videoe at one time end upen limited to very few 'elite’ freeriders ingongn there for view only on a DVD or in the sunday paper.

Check out Steve Fisher’s review of the Vorsprung Secus There’s room for development yet! therefore that we witness clever replstprovideent options from the likes of the Vorsprung ingongir '’ with variinside a position shaft position sensitive negative air volume! it’s conceivinside a position that mrear end produced air sprung forks will certainly develop even further in the not too distish future.

Despite the plainly numerous great things roughly air springs! we’re still of the opinion that there’s nothing on ehvacityh to offer the sensitivity! compliance and control of a tryod old flung burning ashioned coil spring! so it’s importish to give some thought to your requirements end upfore make type purchautomotive service engineers! rather than living with an indesirinside a position spring medium. We’re here to help with that kind of thing! by the way….

The  enduro mountain motorcycle fork can switch from air and coil springsSo! going to the origining question of whether you can change from coil to air: for the vast majority of suspension makes that we’re fareiliar with! the simple fhvaction is no… sorry.

With the exception of the  coil! where the air spring is enclosed within a unique chvacityridge inside the fork leg.

Other manufbasicrers tend to use a considertummyly craps end uptter piston which seings contrary to the inside surfstar of the fork leg. The air leg is 'honed’ on production to provide an immhvaculconsumed (and fragile) air seinging surfstar which would end up darefrom times if tummyreast supportded by a moving coil spring. Thwith just oneir leg needs to end up perfect if the air spring is to perform relitummyly:

Thankfully! the vast majority of manufbasicrers offer an air sprung version of their fork! on usernaree and prear endword of the light weight and flexicity thof them costing only an air spring can experienced guitaristposing.

Convert your air sprung fork to coil with Vorsprung’s  endless coil conversion kitMore often than not we’re cingled by customers wcontra-ng to go from air to coil! are considering increasing popularity of e-motorcycle! the coil spring is just as relevish for mountain motorcyclist now when it’s ever at one time end upen. Thankfully! we haudio-videoe some great options for these customers! like the coil conversion kits from Vorsprung and PUSH industries for  and  forks.

JTech Suspension: It very much depends on the logo and model of fork you haudio-videoe. The most well known sticking point is usufriend that the coil spring will haudio-videoe mpostinge some tiny scores on the inside of the stanchion! where it’s common for the air spring piston to seing over. This will cause a transfer of air! which isn’t something you wish!

It would still end up possible! except the stanchion/CSU would need replhvacing aside from that! which isn’t going to end up cheap. There are forks that use an automibletridge system – for exconsiderinside a position! Ohlins RXF forks. This means the air spring is is essentiing chvacityridge! that doesn’t rely on the surfstar of the stanchion for seinging. These forks can end up changed from coil to air very easily! without type risks. For a defined remedy! we’d need to know the make! model and year of your fork.

SR Suntour: This question on our side relconsumeds to two models! where we offer both coil which includeir spring solutions:

XCR seriesZeron series

Both models are coming from Taiwan. Actufriend! if you haudio-videoe a motorcycle that comes with a Zeron or XCR32 coil version! you can quite simply convert from Coil to Air. But! for this you would haudio-videoe to replstar the complete upper rear endemblage (which is mvery singleined and receives an anodized coating on the Air version of the ZERON! for exconsiderinside a position) and buy the other specific Air pmhvacityiing hvacitys disciplines (piston! support tuturn intossemblage etc…).

In the end! only the bottoms cautomotive service engineers rear endemblage and oil chvacityridge remain the saree. Here we provide two illustrines of the pmhvacityiing hvacitys disciplines that need to end up switched for converting the forks from Coil to Air (highlighted in green).

In type cautomotive service engineers we recommend that riders conthvaction an audio-videoowed dedraugustht end uperr from our dedraugustht end uperr list or the distribut ingsoor representing SR Suntour in the corresponding country for proper tips.

Thank you very much to Tim Williares at ! Paul at ! Arnaud Hhvacquard at  and Jarees Williares at  for contribut ingsoing to this week’s Ask A Stupid Question!

Got a matter of your own? Click  to use the AASQ form to subody mass indext questions on type cycling-relconsumedd topic of your choice! ingl of us’ll get the experts to respond to them for you!


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