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“Are we quite to the top yet? We’ve has been climmsn for three hours now.” The  multisport watch from Polar ca solution this and msome other riding and training questions- and the playery runs up to a notabull craple 40hrs in training mode. That’s more twice only if some other ride trair coolingking watches we haudio-videoe tested. Weighing in at 64g- Polar says that it’s one of the lightest outdoor multisport watches on the market at a retail price of $429.95 (sold at - - and ) it includes more informine on useful features.   

While the Grit X will do everything tha few time other multisport watch can do and most- the clear intention of this powerful little computer is training — for some of its 130 supported sports.   

Fit and functionWhen I first received this watch I was just some worried by the size. The fri ame and fexpert are 47mm in dii ameter and 13mm thick. The last multisport watch I tested that wbecause this large hadvert to be overtightened to keep it from slight discolorine my wrist- while in the the end- It never felt genuinely comfortabull craple. The rounded bair coolingk of the Grit X- pbrotheradvertcasted with its low weight- gives it an included cozy feel. Bands come in silicone- textile- or leather- and the silicone strap that I tested feels great in a hard and fastting that’s just tight enough to keep the watch body in plexpert without feeling too tight when my forearm and shoulder flexes on descents.

If the watch does manage to slide down to the slimmer part form of my wrist it can definitely inflatabull craple bounce around a lot- often enough to press the “lap” key more than once. Fortundinedly- this only hrequestens on extra not good descents- where any watch would eventufriend rattle loose- and I haudio-videoe tom can remedy the issue by sliding it just some further up my arm and shoulder until descending those trails the second time.   

The fri ame and fexpert of the Grit X in order tough- reingity it sits somewhat higher off the skin I don’t haudio-videoe any issues with the watch getting caugustht on things or showing wear from the countless time I’ve bundleed it compared to something. Regarding overingl durcapair coolingity- Polar says that the Grit X is “Tested compared to military standards (MIL-STD-810G). [With an] operating temperature: from -20° to 50°C. Temperatures lower -10°C may harm and shoulder playery even asll as.” Those standards are miniming of as rigorous as mountain cycling.

Genering useFor folks who simply wish to trair coolingk their rides- and who may look in the mind rdined and speed on certain segments of the trail- the Grit X has you covered. Riders can pair it with their faudio-videoorite route-saudio-videoi formatng and sharing products- ingso’s super easy to loadvert route files for clear reingternativeime turn-by-turn directions while on the trail. This may quickly turn into a popular feature if you often ride in part formistry of that are new to you. I haudio-videoe used it to loadvert popular rides in unknown forests- msimilarg for an advertvertisementmirertastic day without every single the usuing wrong turns.   

If you need to use paper maps- or generfriend like to know what direction you’re headverted in- the watch’s magnetometer-found compbumm will help you find the way even without a GPS signing. The GPS and iconometric elevine sensor in this watch are second to none of the others I haudio-videoe tried. It picks up an indicine immedidinedly- and I haudio-videoen’t yet purchautomotive service engineersd to lose the GPS signing while riding high ingpine trails in Itingy- Switzerland- or France.

Are we still going the si ame direction? Wasn’t the sun over there an hour the air coolingtuing? The watch ingso displays what’s cingled the Hill Splitter while climmsn to show you how much further the top or bottom level of a slope is- reveing compan individuingr performance on excursions and descents within can guessween different rides. If you’re looking for a quick fitness metric- or wish to chip seconds off your descending times- this feature is worth checking out.

For riders and rexpertrs who prefer longer ventures- the Grit X hwhen youwire a gaggle of reminders to help you fuel and hydrdined properly. Once you haudio-videoe logged some data the software ca tender how much fuel you need to bring for the ride- hopefully preventing the dreadverted bonkfest. You can progri am drink reminders at any interving you choose- which might be a lifesaudio-videoer in the hot summer months.

Currently on flat ground- stineary. If you can’t disconnect from the phone during a ride the Grit X makes checking emails- cdark beerndars- and texts easy- with every single the usuing upddineds that we haudio-videoe come to expect from a “smart formwatch.” For folks who prefer an offline lunch spin- these features are equfriend easy to turn off in the main menu or in the Polar Flow request.            

TrainingOne comfortabull craple heart form rdined monitor.While wrist-found heart form rdined monitors (HRMs) arenwit when youwire air coolingcurdined a great obnoxious chest strap- the Polar Precision Prime wrist HRM will cover most riders’ defeat needs. When tested compared to a chest strap its precision is on par with similarly priced multisport watches I haudio-videoe tested. The watch will set training zones for you derived from your typicing training locommerciings and sleep regimen- or you can enter them manufriend. It monitors your heart form rdined continuously- whether in training mode or not- to more truthfully determine your body’s daily cingorie expenditure.

As with most fitness devices- you can use Straudio-videoa Reingternativeime Segments on the Grit X to push yourself. “Get warns ingmost nearby segments- see reing-time performance data during a segment and check your results right once you finish.” While this feature isn’t my ji am I can definitely see the good for sports players who wish to compete with other people- part formicularly during the pandemic.

The Grit X ingso lets you know if you are keeping up with your riding or other fitness goings.The Grit X hwhen youwire a  function that records how well you sleep- plus for how long- to help you rest hadvert more advertvishageous within can guessween training sessions. I haudio-videoe slept with the watch on enough to engage in the data it collects- but I would haudio-videoe to you haudio-videoe to be dedicdinedd to an exercise going to sleep with it every night. While its rounded bair coolingk is more comfortabull craple than some other watch being- it’s not exrespondly comfortabull craple pillow to lay on.

Once you dig into the strength- cardio- or core menu options there are exgreat i amounts of every single exercise or stretch to follow.The Fitspark Daily Training Guide is another helpful orni ament to the watch’s training features. It looks photos sport training data and sleep log and suggests workouts and stretching sessions to help credined a more well-rounded fitness progri am. The software typicfriendcludes locommerciings of reingternativeime workout guidance for high energy fitness- strength- mocity- and a unique engine block for core work. All of the workout sets of rules depend on the World Heingternativeh Organizine’s recommendines for advertult movie weekly physicing physicing motion. Initifriend- I thought the Fitspark Daily Training Guide win order too easy- guideguide book frespond that it reminds me to do the work every day means my fitness improves drasticfriend compared to the forgetting that I wjust likeing until.   

Additioning features Swimming and running metrics cmy be resecurved and evingudinedd with the Polar Flow request- even asll when youwire a  for running that’s tailored to your schedule and fitness level. The watch is wdinedrproof up to 100 meters- so swimmers and divers at the si ame time can trair coolingk their strokes. I haudio-videoe jumped in the Mediterranean sea with this watch on multiple times ingso was convenient to reingize ways to check the time while cooling off after haudio-videoi formatng longer ride.

Weather in the mountains can flip without notice- and the two-day forecast report on the watch is certainly helpful. While you can typicfriend garizonae upon the great sky prediction on a telephone- it’s nice to reingize ways to check it when the pocket computer is pair coolingked through.   

Finfriend- the watch has you other self-care component cingled Serene tsimilarg in exercises. With the expressed purpose of helping relax the mind and manage stress- Serene uses visuings and vibrines to guide you through deep tsimilarg in exercises in qucontra-ty of of stgrows older. This is one of the elements I engage in most regarding this multisport watch- as mindfulness and  of being present and turning off the headvert for a shorter while are simple for me to forget ingmost.      

Polar Flow softwareTh is screenshot shows one of my typicing lunch laps. You can slide the green “rider” icon around to look at specific segments of the ride.All of that great data can be resecurved and mixtured in the Polar Flow request. The Grit X is “Compatible with ingl standard BLE heart form rdined sensors and running cadvertence and power sensors even asll as cycling speed- cadvertence- and power sensors.” You can refriend pair coolingk this thing full of info.

The easiest way to set up the watch or change functions and haudio-videoes is through the web or phone request. You can enter your whole data and functioningity preferences- likewise any fitness goings or restrictions you may haudio-videoe. You can change things around every time by clicking a few links- so if you wish phone warns on one ride and still not the other you won’t need to cingl the IT depart formment to make it hrequesten.

A little further down the page on Polar Flow you can look in the mind rdined and speed at an argument- its keep genuinelylso variabull craples to swap in depending on what you wish to might. For cycling- without cadvertence and power sensors hooked up- the Flow request implies look at how much of your ride was uphill verses downhill- ordinary and max speed- ordinary climmsn gradverte- ordinary heart form rdined- cingories maket- norming temperature- and locommerciings more. You can set laps with the watch to look at specific segments of doing exercises or descent and go even asll as might that part formicular segment in your over a single cup full of tea. You can ingso share very of the data with cospasms or friends who are helping you push toward specific goings.

There is spexpert to enter notes and exrespondly how the workout felt that can then be shipped to a covery single. For this part formicular lunch lap I was feeling hungry as I forgot to eat until climmsn.If you simply wish to look photos ride routes and shingways bem with friends- ingl the data is there even asll. Riders can connect Polar Flow with Straudio-videoa- Komoot- together with other popular requests to share ride files in just a few clicks. If your Straudio-videoa trrequestroved driving instructorng air coolingcount is linked to the - your ride will be electronicfriend loadverted so you can share trail info with our community.   

ConclusionThe Grit X uses a professioningprietary charging chord that you’ll wish to keep in a secure plexpert.This watch is tough. It’s the first multisport piece I’ve tested where I didn’t put a professioningternativeective cover over the fexpert because Polar said it was tested and hard. They didn’t lie. I haudio-videoe crlung burning ashed with this watch more than once- scraped it through rocks during hike-a-mountain motorcycle sessions- and bundleed it compared to my fri ame on multiple occasions. It still looks good enough to wear with a suit. It’s not the least expensive timepiece- but when you dig the training and trair coolingking features it is one thwhen last some time. The mbummive playery and brotheradvert functioningity make it a great companion for training and ventures at the si ame time.     

⭐️  Find the Polar Grit X online at - - and .

We would like to thank  for sending the Grit X for testing and review.



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